The person, firm or company buying is hereafter termed “The Buyer.


Our BRAND is strictly distributed via authorised distributors namely: promotional companies, advertising and event companies as well as independent
resellers only.

Prices are as per the current pricelist. Quoted prices are valid for 7 days. Unless otherwise stated, prices are exclusive of VAT.
Due to the volatility of our currency CAPTIVITY reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

Strictly C.B.C (Cash Before Collection) – please note payments over the amount of R1000 must be transferred electronically into our account unless otherwise
discussed with management.
Please use your Account Number with us “found on the top left-hand side of your invoice ” – as a payment reference on your online banking, to enable Bank
Manager to allocate payments to the correct account.

Claims in respect of faulty goods/short delivery shall not be grounds for withholding payment of account and shall not give the Buyer any right to set off the
claim amount against payments due to the Seller. All claims must be lodged within seven days of date of collecting stock.

Samples can be purchased individually and will be credited /exchanged within 10 working days, from date of collection.
Samples must be returned with a copy of the invoice, in original condition as well as original packaging.
Should samples become damaged or dirty and not fit for resale, this will result in samples not being accepted for return.
Samples returns are not subject to a handling fee.
No Samples will be accepted back after the 10-working day period.
Samples to the Value of R50 or less will NOT be eligible for return.

No guarantee is given to the suitability of goods sold for any particular purposes, this responsibility rests on the buyers choice.
In no case will the Seller accept liability for deleterious effect resulting from the application of any process or treatment (whether advised by the Seller or not)
to the goods after delivery. Should the Seller apply any process or treatment to the garments on behalf of the Buyer (or at the Buyers request) the above will
also apply.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure all garments are acceptable (being style, size or colour) prior to branding them.

Garment Manufacturer Defects
CAPTIVITY is not responsible for garment manufacturer defects such as garment color inconsistencies, mislabeled sizes, loose stitching, holes, imperfect garment, or other garment defects.

We urge our clients to ensure they are aware and accepting of any shade variance that might occur in an order.
We have made every effort to ensure that the information on our Products displayed at our facility, in our promotional material, on our website, or any other
form of communication to you, is accurate.
While we use our best endeavours to ensure that the image representing the Product, the features, descriptions and specifications pertaining to the Product
are correct, the actual product may be subject to variations in appearance as the packaging may differ over time, or colour representation in marketing
material may depend on the medium on which the image is displayed.

No variation of the condition of sale shall be effective unless agreed to by the Seller in writing.

The parties agree that the Seller is not responsible for any damages or shortages due to the negligence or act of omission or commission to the part of a
Delivery will be deemed to have occurred and liability will pass to the Buyer when their appointed courier/driver collects the goods at the Sellers Depot.
The Seller does not accept responsibility for claims against it for damages of whatsoever nature arising from non-delivery of goods on due date.

*Any order not collected within 30 days of invoice date will be put back to stock and a credit issued to clients account. NO CASH REFUNDS will be permitted.*

No guarantee is given as to the suitability or quality of goods sold for any particular purpose and the Seller is here by absolved of any liability of whatsoever
nature for any damages of whatsoever nature arising out of its direct failure or negligence in terms of this agreement or for any indirect damages to the Buyer.

It is imperative that CLIENTS check their invoices are correct and accurate before making payment as we are not able to assist on a same day basis with the


(A credit will be allocated to your account) 

No returns after 10 working days working period from the date of collection.
The Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept goods returned for credit.
The Seller reserves the right to refuse to recognize any complaint from the Buyer in respect of shortages especially where the invoice has not been endorsed
with the amount claimed as having been short delivered.
No goods will be refunded / exchanged unless prior authorization and an authorization number has been obtained from your sales representative.
All returns are to be communicated in writing to your relevant sale administrator for approval stating:
– the relevant document number/style(s) to be returned/ reason.
– Items must be returned in their original condition & packaging
– Items must be accompanied by their invoice.
– The Buyer must return damaged goods to the Seller for inspection, if the claim is accepted, goods will be replaced.
Under special circumstances, the seller may agree to accept a return after the 10-working days period, in this case a handling fee of 20% (twenty) percent of
the total value of the invoice will be charged.
No Returns will be accepted after 30 days!

There are no credit/debit card facilities at any of our branches.

Due to the high costs of cash deposits, we can only allow payments of R1000 per transaction/invoice.

Kindly be advised that you may collect your order only 24 – 48 hours after we have received proof of payment.
Please ensure proof of payment is emailed to the relevant sales agent, to avoid delays.

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